To the Saints in Fenton (and the surrounding regions)

    Should you choose to read along with us, my encouragement to you in this endeavor is to always read the passage of Scripture first, spending some time in meditation, before reading the devotional thoughts, for these comments may not help you where you are, depending on the day, but some other verses in Scripture might give you more encouragement on that particular day, and that is just fine.  Nevertheless, it might be helpful to hear from one of your pastors on what he got out of the text for that day and any exhortation or correction he may provide.  Feel free to write to any of us with any questions you might have about the chapter reading that day.  All three of us would be delighted to help shed some light on any passage.  My hope is that God will bring some good from all this hysteria, and maybe this is one of the smaller goods that will help us all to read Scripture together and to lift up our prayers to God each day.  God speed to you all, Pastor Lawrence.