Psalm 43

Psalm 43 Prayer Points

Prayer of Illumination and Devotion: Father, as we come to your Holy Word today, give us your light and truth; let them lead us; let them bring us to your holy place, to meet with you, our exceeding joy, that we might again praise your glorious name, our salvation and our God.

Prayer for anxiety: Father, our hearts are quickly filled with fear and anxiety in the midst of earthly troubles. Be gracious to us and comfort us through your living Word that we might lift up our eyes heads to your holy throne and find in you a solace and refuge.

Prayer for oppression: O God, we are surrounded by an ungodly people, some who are deceitful and unjust in their dealings with us as believers. Father, vindicate the cause of your oppressed people and defend us from our enemies. You are our confidence and our hope, so we leave all these things in your hands.