2 Kings 11

2 Kings 11
Pastor Mark Hudson

Structure of 2 Kings 11
D. R. Davis

Death and preservation vv. 1-3
Secret plans vv. 4-12
Revealing King’s son v. 4
Priest’s instruction vv. 5-8
Compliance vv. 9-11
Coronation v. 12
Public event vv. 13-19
Revealing king’s son vv. 13-14
Priest’s instruction v. 15
Compliance v. 16
Covenant + destruction vv. 17-18
Installation v. 19
Death and peace v. 20.

I doubt most Bible readers would know the name Jehosheba. If someone asked you to name courageous women or even courageous people in the Bible, Jehosheba would not be mentioned by most. But she risked her neck to preserve the line of David. She was brave, intelligent, persuasive, quick-thinking, and successful. Her loyalty ought to be more well-known and she is a model for godly men and women everywhere.

Jehosheba and her husband Jehoiada the priest, hid Joash (or sometimes spelled Jehoash) and his nurse for 7 years. How they did this is an untold story all by itself. This concealing of the king’s son lasted until they decided to proclaim this 7-year-old as king. It was an all or nothing move. Once they proclaimed him king (v. 12) it was either they all die or Athaliah and her reign ends in death.

Jehoiada and Jehosheba evidently train young Joash. Joash begin 40 years of renewal by his reign. We see so many times that one person can make such a big difference in someone’s life. We don’t know if Jehosheba convinced her priestly husband to protect Joash or the other way around. Maybe they both agreed. But the text reads, “But Jehosheba, . . . took Joash . . . stole him away . . . .” Seem like this was her idea. They were a godly couple in a nation that had turned their back on God. Tucked away in 2 Kings, where many Christians rarely read, we see genuine spirituality. These two ‘parents’ looked after one person while keeping an eye out for the larger community. These two knew the significance of Joash. He was the last remaining heir of David. And they cared about the nation of Israel because they cared about God.

Women play a more significant role in the Bible than most of us notice or comment. Here we see two women compared and contrasted within this chapter. Athaliah is a crude, violent, ungodly tyrant. Jehosheba is the opposite. God rewards Jehosheba’s efforts while Athaliah meets her demise at Jehoiada’s direction. Athaliah is represented as almost a pretender queen. She is not introduced like other kings or queens nor does the Bible summarize her life and reign the way most kings or queens are treated. The heroine is clearly Jehosheba. She exhibits true feminine godliness. She protects innocent life. She stands against evil. She parents a child that is not her own. She and her husband could not have acted more courageously. She is a very attractive person that we want to model our lives after.

This is a time of rampant evil in both Israel and Judah. The stakes for doing right were high. These decisions were risky. They faced daily pressure, had to be on their toes, and they clearly counted the cost. And for many reasons, this ‘power’ couple were blessed and protected. But those who follow their own desires, met the demise they choose and deserved.

How often we witness the theme of salvation in the midst of judgment? The righteous are saved; the wicked destroyed. The flood is a perfect example. Protection for one is protection from the judgment directed at the ungodly. Someday all those who fake it, only truly care what others think, those who hate God, those who despise His word and ways, will receive the just penalty of their choices. And they will not have a second chance. There will be wrath for those who refuse to humble themselves.

In the midst of this evil in Israel, the priest turned the nation Godward. Verse 17ff explains this. It is one thing to rid the nation of a murderous queen and install a better king. But Jehoiada made a covenant between the Lord and the king and the people “that they should be the Lord’s people” and also between the king and the people. They also hated sin by tearing down the house of Baal. Prior to the crowning and exaltation of the king, Jehoiada and the priests planned, organized, communicated this event to the last detail. Their execution was almost flawless.

It is one thing to (in our terms) have well-run worship services, organized and efficient ministries, ministry teams meeting regularly and even prayer meetings. But all our ministry and lives need to be aiming for the glory of God. We need to love Christ and foster an ever-growing love for Christ. We have to be actively killing sin or it will kill us. This is a lifelong endeavor. This is a spiritual battle that will last all our lives. If you aren’t fighting this battle, you are already losing.

What keeps you tied to this world and not close to God? You may find sports does that job in your life. Or while God may seem important, your idol is your family. All you care about is your children. For many, work is the idol and everything is second to that. We are twisters and conniving. We can take a good gift of God: family, work, ministry and make that first in our lives and therefore God is a distant second. Of all the mistakes you make, do not imperil your eternal soul with that mistake.

Lord, sometimes following You is risky. Risky but not foolhardy. Risky but not to no avail. Help us to be courageous, Godly, wise, and compassionate to others. This battle is for the eternal destiny of others. We are not just in a wrestling match with a friend but a war with the enemy of our soul. When there are small victories, cause us to draw closer to You and deeper in love with Your beauty. Stir us up to a renewed love, lower humility, and a kinder heart. In Christ’s perfect and holy name. Amen.