Tyrone Prayer Conference 2020

Friday, September 25th at 6 pm – Praying for the Country
Saturday, September 26th at 6 pm – Praying for Those in Authority
Sunday, September 27th at 11 am – Praying for Each Other

Not your ordinary prayer meeting, the 2020 Fall Conference is a time of exhortation and practical application of how to pray for our country, for our leaders, and for each other in these trying times. With the upcoming election just around the corner, with the COVID virus still doing much damage both here and around the world, and with rioting occurring more and more often in our cities, we need to be praying together and calling upon the name of the Lord for help. This year’s prayer conference should be a time of encouragement and edification as we learn to pray for the things of God and of his kingdom.

We will seek to do that for about an hour to an hour and a half each night, with the first portion dedicated to teaching about prayer, and the second portion to practicing what we’ve learned together in prayer. On Sunday we will finish off the conference with an exhortation on how to pray for one another in the midst of this crooked generation.

Of course, not everyone will be required to pray out loud, but for all those who desire to participate, we will provide the tools needed to ensure that anyone can contribute. We are praying that this will be a time of encouragement and equipping not only for this weekend but for the months and years to come.

We hope to see you there!