Psalm 57

Psalm 57 A Devotional
by Pastor Lawrence


         David is on the run again after king Saul was given a tip as to his location, and once again David finds himself between a rock and a hard place hiding in a cave from his enemy.  Like before, he immediately cries out to God to have mercy upon him, seeking a refuge in the Lord even more than in the cave.  As he prays to God, although he is certainly afraid, he is also confident of God’s help.  He is confident that the Lord will send aid from heaven to save him in some way.  He is confident that the Lord will bring judgment against his enemies.  He is confident that the Lord will manifest His steadfast love and faithfulness in the midst of this trial, and he is confident that the Lord will fulfill His purpose for him.  Those are some very comforting truths to realize that no matter what happens in our trials the Lord is still working out His purpose in our lives.  He is still proving His love to us, and He is still going to right all the wrongs that have been done to us.    

         What amazes me, though, is that even as he is being chased by his enemies, and even as he is under great threat and danger, his recurring prayer, found in vv.4 and 11, is that God’s name might be exalted above the heavens and His glory be spread over all the earth!”  David’s desire, here, is not for his own kingdom but for the glory of God to be known and exalted.  How many of us could say that is our main desire in the midst of our trials?  Or is that even one of our concerns?   It is that concern and that confidence that causes David’s heart to sing in the midst of his fear.  It is that trust that makes his heart steadfast in the midst of his trials.  He may stumble, but he will not fall, for the Lord will sustain him, protect him, and be merciful to him in his time of need.

         And as soon as the Lord brings forth his great deliverance, David is ready to break out in the loudest voice to the God who saves.  Even in the darkness he is getting ready his harp and lyre.  Even in his shame, he is getting ready to praise God’s name.  He says, “I will awaken the dawn!”  “I will give thanks to you, O Lord, among the peoples; I will sing praises to you among the nation.”  Why?  Because God’s steadfast love is higher than the heavens and his faithfulness is way above the clouds.  David is so confident in the Lord’s help that he can’t help but sing.