Psalm 49

Psalm 49 Prayer Points

Our Father, we will not fear in times of trouble. What can man do to us? You have ransomed our souls from the power of Sheol, paid the price of our redemption, and delivered us from the pit. Death shall not be our shepherd and the grave will not be our home, but we will live on forever in your glorious kingdom. O Lord, give us wisdom and understanding in our years that we might not trust in our wealth or boast in our days knowing that we all must perish and leave our wealth to others. Let us not be like the beasts that perish without understanding, but know for certain that we will carry nothing away into another world. Therefore, we will not seek to hallow our own names, build up our own kingdoms or seek our own wills this day but seek first the kingdom of God and the glory of your house counting ourselves blessed in knowing you. You are our God, our boast and our treasure, and we put our trust in you.