Psalm 45

Psalm 45 Devotional
by Pastor Lawrence


This beloved wedding psalm reads like something out of the Song of Solomon, for one of its primary themes is the glory of the king and the splendor of his bride written by the psalmist as a third party rejoicing in their covenant love.  Similar to when a prince of England takes a bride and the whole world watches in wonder, so we are meant to take in the sights and consider what a glorious future is in store for a kingdom with such a righteous king and such a lovely queen.

The king himself is considered the most handsome of men.  He is gracious and meek, majestic and mighty, instilling fear in all his enemies.  He is known for his righteousness and how he hates wickedness; he is blessed beyond measure by the Lord.  His throne is so closely connected to the throne of God that the two are seen as one.  If only that were true here in America today.

Then, at his right hand we see his beautiful bride dressed in gold and covered with many-colored robes.  She has been led into the king’s palace followed by all her pure virginal companions.  Notice in v.10 that she is not an Israelite but a foreigner from another country, and in order for her to make this match, she has had to forget her own people and her father’s house to become one with the king, which she does willingly, even calling him her lord and bowing down before him.

After this glorious image, we are brought back to the visage of the king once again to consider his glorious lineage and the prospect of future princes on the earth made in the same image as the king redounding to his glory and praise from generation to generation.

Clearly, this psalm has messianic implications.  Although it may have originally referred to David or a son of David who sat on the throne of Judah, it looks forward to the righteous king, the true son of David, the Lord Jesus Christ in his refulgent splendor.  It also hints at the Gentiles being brought into the house of God and beautified by her husband, bowing to Jesus as Lord.  Of course, anyone who would come to Christ in this way must forsake their idols and confess Jesus as Lord.  And whoever does come will do so because she sees Jesus as the most handsome of men, and will want to add her voice to the pleasing theme of the one addressing his verses to the king, and she will do so with her heart overflowing with praise.

My friends, even as we have had to settle between two presidential candidates who fall far short of the mark, and as we witness one more inauguration this coming January, let us keep this image before us, for it is what all our hearts long for.  Perhaps, now we will long for it even more.