Micah 3

Micah 3 Devotional
by Pastor Lawrence

In this chapter the prophet Micah continues to call out the sins of the leaders in Israel, pointing out the failures of both the secular as well as the spiritual rulers over God’s people.  Both groups had practiced their sin for quite some time thinking that God did not see or did not care about their transgressions, but the prophet here is speaking forth God’s Word to hold such men accountable and to remind them that a day of judgment is coming soon.  The certainty of God’s judgment is meant to accomplish at least two things in this world.  First, it is meant to deter all men from sin, including both the wicked as well as the godly, and it is meant to bring consolation to the godly in the midst of their suffering and adversity.

Apparently, the prophecy was well received, at least in Jerusalem, if not in Samaria.  For this chapter is unique in that it is the first time a prophet ever prophesied the destruction of Jerusalem as a result of sin (vv.11-12).  But we find in Jeremiah 26:18 that King Hezekiah listened to the words of Micah and encouraged repentance amongst the Jews causing the Lord to relent from destroying the city at that time.  But a hundred and thirty years later Jeremiah is once again prophesying the destruction of the city of Jerusalem and this time the people do not repent and the city is destroyed.  It’s amazing how much a country can change in just a generation or two, especially when it is already on a downward spiral. 

Since most of the chapter has a straightforward understanding I won’t belabor its meaning.  Instead I’ve turned the warnings and the pleadings of the prophet into two prayer paradigms we can use at any time to learn how to pray Biblically for our leaders of state and leaders in the Church.  Obviously, these are not meant to be exhaustive in content, but only what is suitable to this text.  As we continue to read through God’s Word, particularly in the Minor Prophets, we will find many more ways to pray for our leaders and for ourselves.       


  1. Prayers for our leaders of state: pray that

-they might know justice (v.1) instead of detesting it (v.10),

-they would not give judgments for a bribe (v.11),

-that they might love what is good and hate what is evil (v.2),

-that they might not despise and devour the people (v.3),

-that they would not make crooked what is straight (v.9),

-that they would not build up our towns with blood and iniquity. 

-that, in their weakness and foolishness, they would cry out to the Lord, and He would answer them and shine his face on them, covering their evil deeds (v.4) 


  1. Prayers for our church leaders: pray that

-they would not lead God’s people astray (v.5)

-God would give them light from His Word (v.6)

-they would not need to be ashamed in their work but rightly declare the Word of God (v.7),

-they would be filled with power, with the Spirit of the Lord, with justice and might to declare to the Church their sin (v.8),

-they would build up the church in righteousness (v.10), and preach God’s Word not for money or any other base motive, but for God’s glory (v.11),

-that the Church would not suffer harm because of them (v.12).