Exodus 6

Exodus 6 Devotional
by Pastor Mark Hudson

The exodus is a God-centered, theological event.  If you know American history, you know the exodus is referred to by many groups as they seek release from bondage.  There are certainly parallels with many non-Biblical events but notice how God-centered the Exodus is:…what I will to Pharaoh v. 1; I am the Lord v. 2; I appeared to . . . v. 3; I also established my covenant v. 4; I have heard . . .I have remembered my covenant v. 5; I am the Lord, and I will bring you out  . . . I will deliver you . . . I will redeem you . . . with great acts of judgment v. 6; I will take you to be my people, and I will be your God, and you shall know that I am the Lord your God, who brought you out . . . v. 7; I will bring you into the land v. 8.  And you can keep going.

This is to emphasize that of the many things you can say about the exodus, God is the reason for the exodus.  Without God, there is no leaving from Egypt, Moses is no great leader, and the Hebrews never receive the law and do not enter the promised land.  This is all God.  God, the holy, righteous, just, loving, God is exalted for everyone to worship.

If you read the Bible and do not love God, learn about God and draw close to God through faith you are missing the point.  We read the Bible to grow close to Him and to place our faith in His Son.  Read, but read in faith looking for what the author is stressing.  What a loss if in going to church, reading the Bible, and being in small groups, we fail to love this great God?  What if we still live a self-centered life?  What tragedy if our God is small and only serves to make us happy.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Live for the glory of God.

Notice also the reluctance of Moses.  Moses was a great leader who demonstrated faith, patience, love, and dedication.  But he started out a bit squeamish, shall we say.  But don’t judge how Moses started; judge him at the end of his life.  It wouldn’t hurt us to remember that God uses people like you and me and God shows Moses grace.  We should show that same grace to others around us.  Don’t pick fruit until it is ripe.  Moses was no kid at this time.  Maybe you think someone should step up or do better and you are tempted to dismiss them.  Hold back your judgment, pray for them, and see what God will do in and through them.  People might be doing the same for you.

Now what about this genealogy?  See this diagram from a website I visited.

https://www.bethanybiblechurch.com/exodus-6-fu in In-genealogies/

There a few observations about this genealogy we can make.  First, it seems to give legitimacy to Aaron.  As Durham writes in the Word Biblical Commentary, “the purpose of the genealogy of 6:14-25 is thus the authentication of Aaron as nobly descended from Jacob/Israel through his third son, Levi, and thus a worthy partner for Moses in the momentous negotiations about to take place in Egypt” p. 83-84.

Aaron, of course, is a rather perplexing figure.  Again quoting Durham, Aaron “can be presented both as a custodian of the revelation concerned with Israel’s worship and also as a leading figure in Israel’s first great apostasy and their first breaking of Yahweh’s covenant expectations (Ex 32:1ff) p. 83.

A careful reader will also note that this is probably a genealogy of mixed origin (The Old Testament Library: The Book of Exodus.  Brevard S Childs p. 116).  The author is piecing together various genealogies for his special purpose.  The author wants to show that Moses and Aaron are descendants of the tribe of Levi; that they are true priests.

But they are also mere men.  We know what a godly man Moses was.  Aaron certainly had his shining moments of courage speaking to Pharaoh.  These two did great things together over decades of service.  But they had their flaws like all of us.  Aaron will forever be associated with the golden calf.  Moses, as great as he was, was not allowed to enter the Promise Land.

Thank God for the people who teach and encourage you.  Show them your appreciation often. But the best of those leaders will continue to disappoint.  All parents, spouses, pastors, and elders serve best when they point you to Christ. He will never disappoint.