Exodus 4

Exodus 4 Devotional
by Pastor Lawrence

In the previous chapter, when the Lord had revealed himself to Moses in the fiery bush and had called on him to be a prophet, Moses had come up with a number of excuses on why he was the wrong man for the job.  First, he suggested that he was just a “nobody” who had no business confronting the Pharaoh, but the Lord God gave him a sign to prove his calling.  Then, Moses says he didn’t even know God’s name, so God revealed his personal name to him, explaining that He is the great “I am.”

In our text this morning, Moses continues with his excuses saying first that his fellow Israelites would not believe that God had appeared to him, so the Lord gives him three signs to prove the Lord’s presence and power.  Then he complains to God that he is not an eloquent speaker, but God promises to be with his mouth and teach him what he ought to speak.  Finally, in v.13, Moses pleads with the Lord to send someone else, which angered the Lord, but did not change his mind.  From then on the Lord would speak to Moses, who would then speak to Aaron who would then speak to Israel, thus the mediator would rely upon another mediator to share God’s communication with his people.  It is truly amazing how much God is willing to condescend to our concerns and weaknesses.

Nevertheless, when Aaron finally did communicate with Israel of how the Lord had revealed himself to Moses and then performed the signs before the people, they believed.  And when they had heard that the Lord has visited his people and had seen their affliction, they actually bowed their heads to worship the Lord.  We know that later on Israel would have a far different reaction to hearing God’s Word when His Word did not immediately give them what they wanted.  But for now, when they heard this word they were comforted and assured and encouraged that the Lord knew them and their circumstances, that He had drawn near to them in love, and was soon coming to help them.  And receiving this word by faith, they responded with warm hearts and thankful tongues bowing their heads to worship the Lord Almighty.

Certainly this is the proper response to hearing that the Lord sees us and cares for us.  Because He has not abandoned us, because He has not deserted us, because He has not forgotten us and our misery, we love Him and glorify His name.