Exodus 39

Exodus 39 Devotional
by Pastor Lawrence

This chapter is almost verbatim the same as that which is written in Exodus 28:6-43 except for a few omissions.  The purpose of this chapter is to show that the men who were appointed by Moses to design the holy garments for Aaron and his sons created them exactly as the Lord had commanded in order that the priests might safely enter into their daily service before the Lord in the tabernacle.  This chapter also brings to a conclusion all the work done on the tabernacle and all its furnishings, once again showing that it was done in accordance with all that the Lord had commanded Moses.  And when Moses saw all the work that had been done, he blessed the workers for they had done it just as the Lord had commanded. 

One of the small differences between this chapter and Ex.28 is the double emphasis upon the purpose of the tabernacle utensils and the priestly clothing for exclusive service in God’s house.  Neither object was to ever be used outside of the tabernacle.  Thus the priestly garments were only to be worn in service to God.  God did not have these beautiful and glorious garments to be made merely to be put on display.  He intended for them to be used.         

In the same way, in the New Testament, all believers are called to be priests to offer spiritual sacrifices unto God, but these sacrifices aren’t offered only in holy places.  God sets us aside for a holy purpose that we might reflect His glory wherever we are.  He sanctifies us that we might be put to work as his representatives before a watching world, and that we might serve the Lord by reconciling others to God.  The Lord desires that his people reflect his beauty and glory always in His service that the world might believe in God.