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Discipleship Groups

Tyrone Discipleship groups are using the Navigators2:7 Series®.
We began Book 2 “Deepening Your Roots” in January.  Please contact the church office to connect with a group.

The name is taken from Colossians 2:7 where Paul encourages the believers in Colossae to walk in Christ “rooted and built up in Him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.”

The purpose of the study is to teach God’s people to walk with Christ, to learn to walk with one another in the Spirit of Christ, and to welcome those outside of the Church into the fellowship of God.

We will seek to do that by equipping each individual in how to
have a quiet time,
how to read the Bible devotionally,
how to pray individually and in groups,
how to memorize Scripture,
how to share our faith with unbelievers.


This is not a lecture series, but an interactive study in small groups where each individual is both encouraged and held accountable by the group. There are three books in the 2:7 series.  Each book takes eleven weeks to cover.  We will meet every Sunday night except for those weeks that we have shepherding groups.  So we should be finished with the first book the week before Christmas.  Then we will begin the second book in January and should complete it right before Easter.  And then the third book should be completed by the end of June.

Don’t worry if you have to miss a few Sundays throughout the year.  The commitment that you make to the group is that you will keep up with the devotional work even on the weeks that you are out of town, so that you can join in on the discussion when you come back.

For more information on our Discipleship Groups, please contact the church office at secretary@tyronepca.org